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Shells & Covers

Not sure which truck top or camper shell you should buy for your pickup truck? Or, which hardtop or soft top you need for your Jeep? Here at Totally Trucks, we carry the best camper shells, truck tops and cabs for 4x4 pickup trucks and Jeeps. Our friendly and knowledgable staff can assist you in finding the best truck top for your ride!

Below are some of the different manufacturer's products that we carry:

What had started as a dream in the minds of men like John Collins was quickly maturing into one of the truck accessory industry's dominate product categories. More and more truck owners saw the clear benefits of adding protection and security to their pickup trucks. More and more truck owners realized that a well-styled fiberglass truck cap enhanced the styling and usefulness of their vehicle. Truck owners also realized that while a truck cap was protecting cargo, it was also protecting the truck itself - saving it from the damaging effects of snow, rain, leaves, sunshine and other hazards. Auto test authorities reported that truck caps added an aerodynamic element that actually improved truck gas mileage; people who would never have considered the purchase of a traditional pickup truck learned that a great-looking, inexpensive addition could give them a vehicle with capabilities that nothing else on the road could match. In short, truck caps became the single most cost-effective way to enhance the styling, value and usefulness of a pickup truck - and LEER led the way at every step.

A.R.E. was founded in 1969 by Sal Gatti, Jonas Yoder and Aden Miller. The company’s name comes from the first initial of Sal Gatti's three oldest children: Anne Marie, Ralph, and Elizabeth. A.R.E. originally produced aluminum recreational truck caps. In 1979 they began production Deluxe Commercial Units (aluminum truck caps for commercial use). In 1982 A.R.E. worked with a sister company to begin manufacturing fiberglass truck caps. In the late 1980s they began the process of painting caps using an automotive base coat / clear coat system.

In 1995, A.R.E. opened their state of the art 256,000 square feet facility in Massillon, Ohio. The plant produces more truck caps and covers than any other, and is the most environmentally conscious facility in the industry.

At SNUGTOP, we believe that the future belongs to the manufacturer who can meet and exceed consumers’ demands for better designed and better built products. As consumers express their individuality through the products they buy and use, they require more choices. That’s why today SNUGTOP offers its customers more than 350 different truck caps and tonneau covers, allowing them to personalize their vehicle. A truck cover is as much about image and individual expression as it is about utility. By offering both through its trendsetting products, SNUGTOP has demonstrated its commitment to satisfying its customers desire for form and style, as well as fit and function.

UnderCover Truck Bed Covers
Undercover™ is the new standard in tonneau covers. Our Patented X-effect™ design and advanced polymers give this tonneau cover unparalleled strength and durability at a fraction of the weight and less cost than fiberglass.

Now with 70 available models, there's an UnderCover made to perfectly fit most passenger trucks including Longbeds for Ford, Chevy/GMC, Toyota, Dodge, Nissan, and others. Click here to visit our models page.

The Fastest Installation in the industry: 30 minutes to install, and 1-minute removal and re-install!

All BAK Industries products speak for themselves in terms of quality and appearance. From our unrivaled line of hard truck bed covers to our unparalleled form fitting bed protection, we are confident that your experience with any BAK product will result in an absolute satisfaction.

A tremendous amount of thought and creative styling is evident in every product manufactured by BAK Industries. We pride ourselves on producing all of our products in the USA for both the Original Equipment (OE) market as well as the aftermarket.

Truck Covers USA
Truck Covers USA – Not just another tonneau cover – we dare you to compare before you buy a tonneau cover! Our American Roll Cover is designed to custom fit virtually every make and model of pickup truck sold today. Our truck bed cover has been uniquely engineered to adapt to roll bars, and accommodate both factory and aftermarket truck accessories. Our bed roll covers are extremely durable and secure without sacrificing looks or convenience. While giving you ultimate versatility – our retractable hard tonneau cover is built to last – OEM quality to match your truck like no other! Simply stated, the American Roll Cover is the best truck roll cover ever made and will fit your truck bed like a glove! There is only one American Roll Cover and we make it! Truck Covers USA, the true leader in the tonneau cover industry. Why settle for second when we are #1! Truck Covers USA – look at the rest, so you feel good about buying the best – we are that sure!

Extang, Inc.
We care about our tonno truck cover customers and understand how much you love your pickup truck. That leads us to design and build only the finest tonneaus - tonnos made so that they can be backed by the best pickup truck accessories and aftermarket pick up truck products warranty in the automotive industry. The Extang Warranty has you covered longer than most pickup truck owners will own their pick up trucks. So why worry?

Our Extang tonneau truck cover customers receive a Lifetime warranty on the tonneau truck cover, tonno pickup truck frame and 10 Years limited warranty on any of our tonneau - tonno pick up truck bed covers and tonneau truck bed cover tarps.

That's more than enough! There's a long road ahead and Extang tonneaus - tonnos have you and your pickup truck covered, protected and secure. Just like our pick up truck tonneaus - tonnos !

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