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Lift Kits

For the style and handling performance of a lift kit, you need the presicion and reliability of industry leaders. Totally Trucks has the answer to the best in lift kit selection.

Below are some of the different manufacturer's lift kits we carry:

Pro Comp Lift Kits
Pro Comp is globally recognized as one of the leaders in off-road technology. Since 1992 we've been manufacturing high quality, durable products for on and off road racers and enthusiasts. Pro Comp is located in beautiful San Diego, California. If you have questions about our organization that is not detailed in our website please contact us. Thank you for your interest in Pro Comp.

Fabtech Suspension Lift Kits
Fabtech's beginnings started in 1989 as a retail fabrication shop specializing in designing and building custom off-road suspension systems for 2 Wheel Drive light trucks. With the California desert as their backyard, Fabtech was able to test and race the components they built, giving them the edge in product design and development for the hard core off-road enthusiast.

In 1999 Fabtech formally migrated from a retail fabrication shop to a wholesale suspension manufacturer with all metal fabrication processes being performed in house and distributed throughout the US via a net work of warehouse distributors. By the following year Fabtech had established themselves as the undisputed leader in the 2 Wheel Drive suspension marketplace and began developing a full line of 4 Wheel Drive Suspension systems.

Rancho Suspension Lift Kits
Rancho Complete Lift Kits elevate the quality of your truck or SUV with the clearance to power over anything, plus high-flying looks that help you ride roughshod above traffic. You'll have the room to ditch those stock donuts, too, in favor of a set of asphalt-gnarling knobby treads up to 35" in tire size.

Break open the box, and you'll immediately notice the Rancho suspension superior quality. Each piece is precision-cut from choice materials, including Rancho's signature steel one-piece sub-frame that adds strength and stability to your vehicle. And, there's 2 color options for the steel parts in Rancho's Complete Lift Kit: Outlaw Black or classic Rancho Red.

Trail Master Suspension Lift Kits
Trail Master Suspension is an old and trusted name within the industry. For close to 30 years now we have been known for our innovative development of suspension systems, leveling kits, shock absorbers, steering stabilizers and accessories for two and four wheel drive vehicles. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest level of engineering excellence and continually improving the quality and performance of our products.

Value and performance are what our consumers have come to expect and demand from Trail Master Suspension. We design and engineer each and every product with the off-road enthusiast in mind as well as the average week-end warrior. Our group of engineers strive to maintain a factory quality ride for on road use as well as providing superior off-road performance for all our suspension systems. Each of our suspension systems is designed and tested for each application and perfectly matched and manufactured to ensure the highest quality possible.

California Supertrucks Suspension Lift Kits
At California Supertrucks Inc. it is not just about designing and manufacturing a quality suspension product. The driving force of our team is its desire to bring innovative ideas that extend beyond the standards of any suspension lift. With this in mind Chris Robinson, president and owner of California Supertrucks Inc., has been designing, building, and driving off road race trucks, as well as running off road fabrication shops for the past 30 years. With Chris' vast knowledge and experience, he and his team of talented, dedicated, and focused individuals, strive to develop, fabricate and manufacture high end performance suspension systems.

RCD Suspension Lift Kits
RCD Suspension was bred from a heritage of competition, off road design and manufacturing. Race Car Dynamics continues to manufacture the most technically advanced suspension systems available today for Trucks and SUVs. At RCD Suspension we focus on building the finest suspension systems available. Don't just lift your truck, take a systems approach and find out why RCD manufactures the highest quality, best handling suspension systems for today's 2wd & 4wd trucks & SUV's.

Bulletproof Suspension Lift Kits
Bulletproof Suspensions is widely recognized as a leading U.S. manufacturer of high quality suspension kits for lifting trucks and SUVs. In business since 2000, the Bulletproof team lives and breathes off road racing, and combines more than 80 years of experience in the design, fabrication, installation, and use of suspension kits. We've been featured on over 25 magazine covers to date, and in 2007 won the Ford Product Excellence Award at SEMA.

We take great pride in the finish and appearance of our suspension kits. All welds are clean and smooth, the whole package looks great, and our powder coat finish lasts a long time. All suspension kits come with a lifetime warranty, no matter how extreme the off road usage. Bulletproof Suspensions kits are the real deal. Why settle for anything less?

Skyjacker Suspension Lift Kits
If you're gonna be a bear, you better be the biggest and baddest one in the area or the others will eat your lunch. To be a "Bear" in the 4 Wheel Drive industry, you have to be aggressive, establish your territory and dominate your terrain with a tenacious assault on all trespassers. Skyjacker Suspension has done just that ... dominated all those who dare venture onto our terrain. We're not afraid of the competition; we thrive on it ... because Skyjacker Suspension is "The Bear of Suspensions."

Skyjacker built suspension systems when 4x4 vehicles were used exclusively for getting into the "outback." That was over 25 years ago. Since 1973, things have changed. What was called a recreational vehicle is now a main source of transportation as well as a rugged off-road vehicle.

Superlift Suspension Lift Kits
Formed in 1975, Superlift remains a pioneer in the industry. Today, Superlift is one of the few suspension companies that is owned and operated by actual four wheel drive enthusiasts! Our company philosophy and product line reflects this passion.

Over the past thirty years we have enjoyed continued success by providing the truck / SUV owner functional products that perform as advertised. Superlift's Product Development Department staff -- arguably the industry's most talented group -- uses the latest computer modeling technology, with most of our stock vehicle data supplied by the various new vehicle manufacturers. We also understand that most people spend the majority of driving time on-road... our products work exceptionally well on-road or off.

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