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Leveling Kits

Whether you’re hauling a full load or simply cruising around town, staying level is essential for quality handling and sharp looks. With a leveling kit, your auto stays flush and even. From spacers to air shocks, we have a leveling kit for every occasion. For your RVs and Trailers, we have leveling / stabilizing systems as well.

Below are some of the different manufacturer's leveling kits we carry:

Pro Comp Leveling Kits
Pro Comp Suspension Level Lift System Leveling Kits are the fastest and most affordable way to deliver the additional clearance you need to add wheels and tires ranging from 32” to 37” in diameter (depending on application). Level Lift™ Systems can be installed in less than 2 hours by a certified mechanic at a cost lower than the price of a single custom wheel. Level Lift™ Systems do not affect factory suspension or steering geometry, maintaining the OEM ride characteristics. Level Lift™ Systems are built so well, that we offer a lifetime warranty against defects for as long as you own your vehicle.

Truxxx Leveling Kits
Truxxx Manufacturing LLC specializes in the manufacturing of lift and level kits for the pickup truck and SUV market. Truxxx Leveling and Lift Kits correct the nose down attitude of today's popular trucks and give the appearance of having lifted the truck without the expense or hassle of a traditional lift kit. Why not get your truck to look right without spending all of your hard earned money?

All of the products are made to an exacting standard, with modern 3-D computer aided design. The kits are then manufactured with precision computer controlled laser and plasma cutting equipment and welded to a precise tolerance. Truxxx uses the original computer drawings from the manufacturer as their base, and then create their kits to fit perfectly with the OEM design.

Daystar Leveling Kits
Daystar Leveling Kits and Coil Spring Spacers are the perfect choice for a lift that will not only increase vehicle height, but enhance vehicle performance. These help improve ground clearance. Another good thing about them is that they give your rig room enough space for larger wheels and tires. Also, utilize most of the stock components of your ride and prevent front-end sagging caused by heavy gears such as winches, plows and grille guards. In addition, they help keep and restrain vibration from the road from transmitting back through the vehicle. Daystar Leveling Kits and Coil Spring Spacers improve the all-around on and off-road capabilities and performance of your vehicle at affordable prices… definitely designed to preserve factory ride quality and cost effectiveness.

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